New electric has developed a hybrid diesel electric drive-train for commercial use. The propulsion is 100% electric en certified by the shipping authority for 100 ton (combined) weight. The electric drive-train can be supported with a diesel engine for propulsion or the diesel engine can be used for charging the batteries.

This drive-train is developed for emission free use in working vessels within environmental zones. To be allowed to do this the boats are licenced by the dutch shipping authority, certified by NBKB according to EEC rules for shipping in closed waters.

Our marine drive is a hybrid drive-train for working vessels en is developed in two versions; parallel or inline hybrid. Both versions are developed for actual existing customers and are in use or soon will be.

A complete drive-train consists of the motor, the battery modules and all controllers and electric switching gear needed. The development and installation are done by New Electric Marine on site in the Netherlands.

Version 1: Paralel hybrid, tugboat Dorus

  • The diesel engine can be detached for pure electric sailing
  • The diesel engine can be attached for direct propulsion of the propeller
  • The diesel engine can use the combined shaft to charge the batteries. The electric motors then function as generators

Version 2: In-line hybrid, tugboat Jan , Luteijn towing.

  • Electric motors take care of the propulsion of the propeller.
  • Diesel generator takes care of the charging of the batteries.

These projects are made possible with the support of the State of Noord Holland.

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