Siemens Asynchronous Induction Motor

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New Electric Summer Sale! From now until the end of September you can purchase our most powerful electric drivetrain at a discount! Our Siemens electric motor, with optional pre-programmed controller, is powerful enough to drive even the heaviest electric vehicles and boats!

Siemens Asynchronous Induction Motor

Siemens Asynchronous Induction Motor

Our Siemens Asynchronous Induction Motor is an absolute powerhouse. With a max torque of 330Nm and 100kW power output and a continuous torque of 150Nm and 50kW power output this motor can make practically any car -whether it be a classic old-timer, sports car or all-terrain vehicle- excel as an Electric Vehicle. And in a marine environment this fully sealed (IP67) and glycol cooled motor is the perfect match for everything from planning speedboats to work-a-day ships and tugboats. Reliable and practically indestructible!

  • Comparable to 200 Hp combustion engine
  • Max rating: 330 Nm torque and over 100 kW power output
  • Continuous rating: 150 Nm torque and 50 kW power output
  • Shaft is a 24-tooth spline. Custom made alternatives available
  • Motors are stackable for higher torque and power output
  • Fully sealed water-cooled motor (IP67)
  • Usable in direct-drive or geared applications
  • Price 2775 Tax not included

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Siemens Asynchronous Induction Motor

Siemens Motor & Controller

Our Siemens motor truly shines when coupled with our pre-tuned controllers. When you choose our New Electric EV drivetrain package, the controller comes with an encoder cable, interface pig-tailed plug and pre-programmed settings for max RPM, max Amps and a power output curve suited to your application.

Additionally you can choose between torque-controlled or speed-controlled mode of running the motor. This motor + controller combination is also compliant with the ‘EEC inland waterways directive’ and so is ready to be used in professional marine applications!

  • Motor and Controller are pre-tuned
  • Up to 400 V DC supply voltage and 100 kW peak power output
  • Up to 60 kW continuous power output from the controller
  • Flux Vector Control and integrated Logic circuit
  • 12 Volt or 24 Volt nominal logic voltage options
  • Designed for ISO26262 ASIL C compliance
  • Safety interlock pulsed enable signal available
  • Including encoder cable and basic programming
  • Compliant with the EEC Inland Waterways Directive
  • Regular Price 9500 ex VAT
  • SUMMERSALE 7500 ex VAT

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EMC keurmerk TUV Rheinland

Siemens Motor & Controller, including EMC Certificate

To take the New Electric EV Drivetrain out on the road, often an EMC certificate will be needed. New Electric can deliver this drivetrain package (Siemens motor and a Controller) with EMC certificate.

Please note:
Even though our EV drivetrain is CE marked and can be delivered EMC certificate you will still be required to comply with extra rules and regulations when installing it in vehicles meant for use on public roads. To build within the certificate requirements you will also need extra supporting components and use specific component housings. Please contact us regarding the possibilities and limitations when building our drivetrain into vehicles which will be offered to a road authority for (re)certification as an electric vehicle.

  • New Electric EV Drivetrain, legal for use on public roads
  • EMC certificate for the Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA)
  • Price 11500 ex VAT, including EMC certificate

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