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PW10 New Electric Friesland Boot
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New Electric Marine provides customised drivetrain solutions to convert vessels, boats and yachts to electric. Since 2008 we have converted a wide range of vessels by designing and building in the drivetrains, whilst providing the needed certifications.


Harbours and waterways started having to cope with environmental zone restrictions on vessel emissions. Commercially licensed vessels need to be emission free to obtain or retain permits to operate. Any ship can be sustainable and environmentally friendly, while outperforming its fossil fuelled old self. More power, more torque and enough stored capacity to last a full workday. Where volume and weight become an issue, we provide hybrid solutions for range extended operation, including H2 fuel cell integration.

New Electric Marine Tailor Made Conversion


Each ship has specific requirements and use. Every ship can be electrified with maximum speed, maximum torque, or both. We convert private and commercial boats, all with bespoke electric motor and battery capacity. By converting your ship it will be sustainable and future proof.

For small and middle size boats, click here.


Our electric drivetrains are packaged and installed with EMC according to EMC directives. When needed, we have our own IEC 62619 and IEC 62620 certified marine battery modules. Together these systems meet the ECE Inland Waterways Directive and ESTRIN 2019. The New Electric Marine drivetrains can be bought as a complete unit, and can include remote monitoring, like with 4G, to enable integration with your fleet management.


New Electric Marine Waternet Boat.jpeg


The "Pieter Kruiswijk" is a survey and inspection vessel with HDPE hull. Built for Waternet and fitted with 2 complete and separate electric drivetrains, each with 45kWh IEC-certified LFP modules and our 100kW New Electric Marine drive coupled to Mercruiser sterndrives.

Jan New Electric Marine Tugboat.jpg


The "JAN" is a tugboat that we converted for Sleepdienst Luteijn. S.I, approved by the NBKB, this vessel is certified for up to 100-tons in combination weight and works daily in and around the Amsterdam canals. Fitted with a series hybrid version of our 100kW New Electric Marine drive, 130kWh of IEC certified LFP modules and 40kVa backup gen-set, this vessel is up to heavy tasks and double shift workdays.


The "Dorus" tugboat was converted for PK Waterbouw and used for ZOEV CITY emission free transport of goods and (building) materials in the canals of Amsterdam. Fitted with a parallel hybrid version of our 100 Kw New Electric Marine drive and 65 kWh of IEC-certified LFP modules, this vessel has up to 5 hours of autonomous, full electric operation while pushing 100-tons through the city. Once outside the city center, it switches to diesel-hybrid mode to pickup new materials whilst it recharges its battery pack.

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