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New Electric is a developer and system-integrator of complete electric drivetrains for high performance electric vehicles. Founded in Amsterdam in 2008, we have been converting vehicles, vessels and heavy equipment towards 100% electric. We have done this by developing a drivetrain that creates power for any machine or application, this way anything can be converted to electric. We believe electromagnetic drive is the key to our emission free future. We re-use, re-cycle and re-power machines for a new generation by electrifying vehicles, vessels, and heavy equipment. By doing this we also create green and clean jobs in our area, all helping the Netherlands to make all construction sites emission free in 2030!

We are always looking for good engineers, contact us!

New Electric Engineering Drive Train


At New Electric Engineering is our research & development department. We develop, test and certify electric drivetrains. Starting from the raw components, we select the batteries, motors, inverters and peripherals that can be integrated into new electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) and rechargeable energy supplies (RESS). The new system will be integrated into the existing machine, converting anything to fully electric.

Our portfolio includes:

  • EMC certification under UN R10 rev. 6

  • Vehicle safety certification under ECE R100 rev. 1. and 2.

  • Battery certification under IEC62619 and 62620

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New Electric Convert Tractor Electric Construction machines

At New Electric Automotive we convert the machines and built in bespoke and bench tested automotive drivetrains. We convert race cars and trucks, diggers and asphalt spreading machines to electric. Optimised for power and/or range, scalable options to convert any heavy equipment or vehicle to 100% electric.
Our portfolio includes:
  • Tractors and loaders
  • Construction equipment
  • Trucks and busses
  • Supercars & oldtimers
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New Electric Marine Drive Train.jpg


At New Electric Marine we tailor the drivetrain to your vessels power requirements. We convert yachts, speedboats and tugboats to electric. We deliver electric boat drivelines complete from plug to prop shaft, with supercharging and on-board gen-set options to suit any range.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Tugboats

  • Survey / inspection ships

  • (Super) yachts

  • Speedboats and tenders

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