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New Electric Automotive provides scalable customised drivetrain solutions. For 13 years we have been converting machines and applications to electric, whilst designing and creating drivetrains that are build into the machines and providing them with the appropriate certificates.

New Electric Tailored Electric Conversion



Electric machines and vehicles have to comply with sustainability regulations in order to keep operating. It is possible to convert almost any machine to electric. A specific solution which is created around the operating requirements from the machine gives the outlines of the performance to be build in.  

New Electric Automotive Heavy Equipment

Big machines doing big jobs require massive electric torque and redundant battery systems. The New Electric drivetrain can be scaled from 100 kW to the Mw class, and be full battery electric or be range extended with (hydrogen) hybrid systems. We have experience with converting and licencing trucks, tractors, diggers, loaders, asfalt spreaders and many more machines in the construction industry, and we also provide solutions for on-site fast charging of your New Electric machines.


Our electric drivetrains are packaged and installed along EMC and Road safety directives. Some  drivetrains can be bought as a complete kit, optimised for the intended use. We design bespoke units with specific requirements for projects with multiple of the same models. All our electric drivetrains are sold as plug and play products.


Ambulance MAN converted with 2 times 90 kW electric drivetrain

Toyota Landcruiser converted with 80 kW & hydraulic lift

Jeep CJ5 converted with Siemens motor 100 kW electric drivetrain

Porsche 911 S1300 converted with Tesla large drive unit 400 kW electric drivetrain

Jaguar XJS300 converted with 2x 90 kW electric drivetrain

New Electric Automotive Tractor Heavy Eq

Tractor Fendt converted with 2x 90 kW electric drivetrain