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Electric Vehicle

Your car can be part of the environmental solution, while still outperforming its fossil fueled old self. More speed, more torque and a range that is only limited by the number of batteries, the conversion from fossil fuel to electric drives your car into the future.

New Electric Car Workshop

Car conversions

No matter what brand of car, whether you want maximum speed, maximum torque or the best of both worlds, with a New Electric car conversion you can re-power your car and make it future proof for many years to come.

  • Drive trains available for all type of cars
  • All drive trains certified for EU regulations
  • Full service conversion or separate plug & play kit
  • Scalable battery pack to meet your range requirements

Electric Drive Train for Cars

Buy electric drivetrain only

The New Electric vehicle drive trains can be bought as a complete unit, optimized for your intended use. We work with you to meet your projects mechanical and electrical requirements. All our electric drive trains are sold as drop in plug and play products.

  • Drivetrain optimized for power or for range
  • New Electric support with your retrofit
  • TUV certified to meet EU regulations


Continue reading on the drive train information page

Electric Van Fleet conversion

Vehicle fleet conversion

Do you have a fleet of vans, trucks, combines or other vehicles and you want to convert them to electric because its cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable than replacing your fleet? Become a New Electric partner and be eligible for subsidies. Please contact us for further information.

Our custom vehicle projects

New Electric has several projects regarding the conversion of special vehicles. Check out the conversion of tow trucks and a subway track maintenance vehicle on our projects page.

Pricing for EV conversion

Over the years we have converted many different cars to 100% electric. The majority of the vehicles that we convert are classic cars or purpose vehicles. The reason for this is that the investment for the conversion can be better justified with these cars and that the older technology of the car is easier to integrate with our systems.

The cost of the conversion project are largly determined by the weight of the car and the required range. A 100km range is in general achievable for any conversion. A bigger range can be achieved with more batteries and when there is sufficient space in the car.

We identify the following categories for weight:

  • Upto 750kg curb weight
  • Upto 1250kg curb weight
  • Upto 3500kg curb weight
  • Upto 10.000kg or 250pk diesel conversion

We identify the following categories for range:

  • City car <100km
  • Standard range <200km
  • Extended range <350km

This results in the table below. The prices are an estimate including material and labor in one of our locations, excluding VAT:

Weight/Range City car Standard Extended
< 750kg weight €10.000 – €15.000 €12.500 – €17.500 Not applicable
< 1.250kg weight €20.000 – €30.000 €25.000 – €35.000 Not applicable
< 3.500kg weight €35.000 – €50.000 €50.000 – €65.000 €60.000 – €80.000
< 10.000kg weight €65.000 – €80.000 €80.000 – €100.000 €120.000 –

Prices can fluctuate depending on the cost of material and extra options that are needed or requested by the customer. The road worthiness certification must be done by the owner. Our drivetrain is certified and will pass the Dutch test. Cars that are approved by the Dutch authority will usually be accepted in all EU countries.

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