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New Electric Engineering started in 2008, by converting a speedboat to 100% electric, so we could go waterskiing. For 13 years we have been converting all types of vehicles, vessels, and heavy equipment. From classic cars to tractors, from yachts to tugboats, rated for 100 ton combined weight that operate diesel-emission free in the canals of Amsterdam. Besides rebuilding the machines,  we also supply complete drivetrains to conversion partners, as our drivetrain is certified for road use by the Dutch road transport authorities, a certificate which is valid in all EU countries. 

New Electric Engineering EV Drive Train


All type of vehicles, vessels, and heavy equipment can be re-powered to electric for a new generation of emission free use. Each vehicle has specific requirements and use, we scale the power and capacity to the  machine. So in any environmental zone with restrictions on emissions and production date that are coming into effect in many cities, you can still use your machine. 

New Electric Battery Contrainer Second hand batteries Reuse Remote energy


Energy storage is the key to a sustainable future. We build tailor-made solutions provided in a container full of sun-supplied electrons, or in a battery casing that can withstand the rigours of heavy duty work in though environments. These containers or battery casings full of batteries can store energy for later usage. 

Certification New Electric Drive Train

Electric drivetrains are only applicable once they meet the certification requirements particular to their intended environment and use. We provide guidance from component selection and arrange on-site testing for EMC, ECE and IEC compliancy, certificates that are valid in all EU countries. 


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New Electric UN R10 EMC Certification
New Electric Engineering Battery Pack Management


Off-the-shelf and custom made drivetrains. We have created several in-house, pre-certified kits that can be scaled to fit specific models from applications and/or machines. In addition, we provide tuning services for new motor and controller combinations and/or VCU programming. 


Regardless of component quality, only entire integrated electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) and rechargeable energy supplies (RESS) can obtain the full UN R10 EMC certification. We advise on component selection, design the system and provide guidance through the certification process.


Battery packs for EV drivetrains and stationary storage. We develop mobile and stationary storage units, from container size to power walls, providing extra power during peaks. Stationary storage will reduce electricity costs and lower the dependence of the power grid.

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