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New Electric is looking for partners to make the world more electric. We are looking for partners to develop conversion kits for different applications. You provide the customers, the vehicles and the service, we provide the drive-train and the electrical know-how. Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

Automotive conversion

We get many requests for the conversion of vehicles. Because we have to develop a drive train for each make and model the development cost makes it very expensive.

We are looking to partner with brand specific workshops that know their customers and their cars to develop kits that can be sold in higher volumes and reduce the cost.

Agriculturele electric combine conversion

Agriculture vehicle conversion

Agricultural vehicles are ideal for conversion to electric because of the need for high power at low speeds and the large initial investment. Whether its a tractor, a harvester or otherwise, electric conversion can improve performance and lower operating costs.

Electric power

Power wall battery storage

New Electric has all the equipment and knowledge to develop a power wall battery storage unit to provide extra power at peak demands. Power walls can greatly reduce electricity costs and lower the dependence on the regular power grid.

Do you have high power demands?

New Electric is looking to partners with businesses which have high peak power demands. We would optimize our power wall for your needs and raise subsidies to partly finance the project. If you would like to partner with New Electric, please contact us.

Our current partners

New Electric is very proud to be partners with some of the leading businesses in conversions to electric. Please check out the websites of our product and project partners for more information on how they are working towards a better, greener future.

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